Yep, I’ve just added merch to the page. You’ll find all kinds of things in my store, including tshirts, hoodies, leggings, masks, gaiters, phone cases, mugs, beach towels, tapestries, throw pillows, toes, and yes, even fleece blankets. This page is just a gateway to the store, so go check it out. Click here for Armstrong Merch.

Armstrong Family Seal

Are you an Armstrong?

I’m proud of my family name and heritage. If you’re an Armstrong, you should check out the Armstrong merch in the store. I’ve put my own design twist on a vintage family seal, but it does include the Armstrong motto, “Invictus Maneo” (Remain Unvanquished) as well as a Skull and Crossbones “A” right in the center. There’s a few other Armstrong family pieces in the store, so check them out.

Here’s some of the Armstrong goodies you’ll find.

If you’re not an Armstrong, but know me for my knife design work, feel free to support me and my endeavors by buying Armstrong logo gear. You’ll start seeing this mark on most of the new pieces that come out over the next year or so. So, support me and wear my mark with pride.

And if you’re not into any of that, there’s just some fun design work I’ve done as well. Go check it out.

Andy Armstrong MerchandiseHead over to the store now: Armstrong Merch