I got back home from a mini-vacation in the Smoky Mountains yesterday. Starting last Thursday evening, my family (plus one of my daughter’s friends) and I stayed in a chalet in the Pigeon Forge area, but I couldn’t even get cell phone service let alone internet service, so I feel like I’ve been in electronic seclusion forever.

The chalet, called River’s Edge was nice. It was on stilts and sat right on the edge of a “river” (go figure).  When we arrived Thursday, the “river” was a beautiful 15-20′ creek. My daughter and I played in it. We waded to our knees, skipped rock and had a blast.

It rained hard Thursday night and well into Friday, and by noon on Friday, the little creek was a raging rampage of a real river. It was 50′ wide and rose at least 3 to 4′ feet. In fact, the rental office actually called us and told us to keep an eye on the river and be ready to move our cars if need be.

Since Pigeon Forge is only about 30 minutes from Knoxville, I’d scheduled some photoshoots to happen at the chalet over the weekend.  On Friday, I was supposed to shoot some pixie/fairy shots with model, Bethany and my daughter Katlynn.  When the river rose out of control, we decided to change the nature of the shoot to dark and dreery.

Here are three of the images from the series I’m currently calling  “The Flood.”


They’ll be lots more images from this weekend. Keep your eyes peeled!