It’s always my pleasure to work with Morgan Brooke McCarty. Here are some highlights from our latest downtown set.

IMG_8865a IMG_8865 IMG_8859b IMG_8859 IMG_8851 IMG_8845a IMG_8828 IMG_8824a IMG_8816a IMG_8816 IMG_8812a IMG_8793 IMG_8789 IMG_8785a IMG_8785 IMG_8775c IMG_8775b IMG_8774a IMG_8766

IMG_8963a IMG_8946 IMG_8939 IMG_8937 IMG_8930a IMG_8930 IMG_8929a IMG_8928a IMG_8917 IMG_8906a IMG_8904

IMG_9018 IMG_8991 IMG_8986 IMG_8979 IMG_8972