Most people know that I’m a photographer, and many people know that my background is in graphic art and design. But I bet you didn’t know that I’ve been designing product and packaging for some pretty big knife brands for nearly 15 years.

I’ve mostly created embellishments or packaging for existing product, but from time to time, I get to invent something new – from scratch. I get to create a knife or a tool on paper, determine the specs, work out the details, and send it off to the factory for a prototype to be built. I have to tell you that there’s nothing quite like getting that prototype – the “sample” back from the factory. To see something that started in your head become a tangible object that you know others will enjoy – well, that’s just an awesome feeling every time it happens.

IMG_8041aHere’s just one example. It’s something I called the Bow Trapper. It’s a modern twist on the classic Trapper knife pattern. The handle on this new pattern bows into a curve, and this allowed me to add much more hefty blades than a standard 4 1/8″ trapper gets. This one has black smooth bone handles and titanium coated stainless steel blades.

RR_BowTrapper_Illustration02This pattern originally appeared in the Colt line, but will make its next appearance in Rough Rider (as shown).