…and I’m diligently working on the many sessions I shot while there, but first I wanted to share a beautiful sunset and a few little tidbits about my trip with you all. I’ll post more and more photos as they become available.

First off, they drive on the wrong side of the road in St. Croix. That’s right – er – left actually. The cars, however, are standard American cars with steering wheels on the left side. My Ford Focus was no exception. It really messes with your brain – left turns on red – right hand turns where you can’t see anything – and no matter how many times it happens, you still get a little “butt pucker” when you see a Mack truck headed your direction on the right side of the road. I was lucky I survived.

There is an Armstrong’s Homeade Ice Cream on the island, and it’s incredible stuff. If you ever get a chance to go there, try the Pina Colada flavor. Of course, eat inside and pay attention to what the Cruzans are ordering. “BuhNAHNAH” was my favorite to listen to.

I also managed to dislocate my pinky toe while I was in St. Croix, and no, I wasn’t even drinking at the time (maybe I should’ve been). Nope, I nailed my foot on a stone in flip flops, and when I looked down, my right pinky toe was pointing at a good 45-50 degree angle out from my foot.

If you’ve never looked down and seen one of your body parts doing something it ought not do, then you don’t know what you’re missing. I was shocked at first, and then I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry… I chose to laugh.

I pulled it as best I could and taped it to the neighboring toe (as recommeded by the EMT groom). It’s still a nice color of blue and purple, but it’s feeling better.

And finally, I had to make several connection flights on the way home. My first flight from St. Croix to San Jaun was on a Cape Air, twin-engine Cessna. There were eight of us on board, including me and the pilot.

When we got out to the plane, the young man loaded our carry-ons to “balance us out” and then surveyed the group. He pointed to me and said, “You go sit by the pilot.” I boarded the plan and immediately asked the pilot, “He said sit beside you. Does that mean here or there?” – He pointed to the co-pilot’s seat.

Yeah. I rode for an hour with the optional controls right there for my use, and let me tell you it’s an interesting experience to see a takeoff and a landing from the front seat.

More later – I’ve got to go keep on editing photos.