Last night I attended the Knox County PTA’s Student Awards Banquet. My daughter, Katlynn received an award in Division 3 of the Visual Arts category. There were close to 100 awards given in many categories and divisions, including dance, visual arts, photography, film, saftey, citizenship, etc.

As luck would have it, Visual Arts was the very last category awarded, and as Katlynn and I sat through award after award, we began joking about what she could do as she went on stage to accept her award.

We decided that Punching Bill Williams in the gut and snatching the medal probably wasn’t the best idea, so we settled on a “triple dog dare” invented by me. I dared her to “curtsy” to Bill before she let him put the medal and ribbon over her head – the way one might do as the queen gave you an award. We negotiated for a bit, and finally, with a promise of monetary reward, she agreed to do it.

When she crossed the stage, she curtsied for Bill Williams (local celebrity), and he thought it was so cute, he made her do it again. I, of course, captured the entire sequence on my Lumix. LOL – for your viewing pleasure. Here’s the video.

If you can’t see the video, here’s the youtube link: