So, this is the blog post where I get to tell you what a “Proud Papa” I am.

It’s no secret that my little girl, Katlynn is growing up. She’s eleven and getting ready to finish the 5th grade. She’s always been a good kid – good grades, respectful, cute, funny – yeah, yeah – I know I’m biased. [laughing]

Last Tuesday night, my daughter participated in the county-wide 4H club talent show/competition. She sang “Colors of the Wind” from Disney’s Pocohantas, and I have to tell you that I was absolutely floored by what I heard.

My daughter is a lot like me. I don’t ask for a lot of help. When I want something, I prepare for it on my own. I work hard, but I don’t usually do that in front of people. I had not heard her sing “Colors of the Wind” before she sang it on the stage Tuesday night. It almost made me tear up at how good it was.

Besides the singing, Katie also participated in the Clover King and Queen competition. The kids show off a sporty look and a dressy look, and then they’re interviewed by a panel. Well, my little fashionista got runner-up in the Clover Queen competition. What a hoot.

Katlynn, I love you, and I frankly couldn’t be more proud of you.

Here are some images from the event last Tuesday. Hope you enjoy them.

The “Sporty” portion of the Clover Queen Competition

The “Dressy” portion of the Clover Queen Competition

Here’s a couple of Katlynn singing “Colors of the Wind” from Disney’s Pocohantas. You can listen to a recording of this performance by clicking the link at the bottom of this blog entry.

Katlynn wins runner-up for 2009 Clover Queen!

And here’s the link to the audio: Katie’s Performance – Audio MP3

Video is here: Katie’s Video Performance

Now, tell me about your proud parenting moments! I wanna hear ’em!