A few weeks ago, one of my very favorite models, Morgan Brooke McCarty messaged me about some amazing public Sunflower Fields at Forks of the River in Knoxville. I found the news story and we scheduled a shoot last Friday evening.  To say it was beautiful there would be an understatement. To say it was hot, wouldn’t even begin to describe the afternoon sun that day.  I’m pretty sure I lost five pounds in water weight that evening.  It was, however, worth it. Here are some of my favorite shots from our Sunflower Fields session.

IMG_0254 IMG_0271 IMG_0274-copy IMG_0283-copy IMG_0287 IMG_0288 IMG_0289 IMG_0325-copy IMG_0343-copy IMG_0355 IMG_0359 IMG_0368 IMG_0383 IMG_0450 IMG_0454 IMG_0459 IMG_0474-copy IMG_0476 IMG_0495 IMG_0501-copy IMG_0506-copy IMG_0510 IMG_0513 IMG_0532 IMG_0534 IMG_0543