So, before I get started, let me just say that I heard that WATE TV 6 covered my WPPI 8×10 win last night on the 6 o’clock news. I say heard, because I had no notice and missed it.

My daughter and I are goobers – especially when we find ourselves alone for a while, which has been pretty easy this week. See, my wife has ventured out to Phoenix, Arizona to help her friend Margaret move from Phoenix back to Atlanta. They’re driving a 26′ moving truck and stopping many times along the way,  and that leaves me and Katlynn with the house to ourselves for over a week.

I’ve done what I call “voices” my entire life. I do accents and personalities and in general, I usually get people laughing with them. My daughter has inherited this wicked cool skill, mainly because she’s been subjected to it for eleven years now.  In other words, she can do the “voices” almost as good as I can, and when we’re left alone, it just gets more and more pronounced.

On Monday, Katlynn and I had to make a grocery store run. As we walked around, we spontaneously broke into arrogant English accents. I think it was caused by “Cheerios” but I’m not certain of it.  For 20 minutes or so, we continued on in with this accent and laughed the entire time.

Our favorite characters made a reappearance when we noticed the yogurt aisle had no yogurt. Why? Well, because it’s fun to ask, “Dee yogurt, eet has vaneeshed, dah?” in a thick Russian accent, and it’s even more fun, when “Vendella” immediately responds back, “Oh no, duh yoguht has been schtolen, Vladimir.”

I love that little girl – who’s getting older –  and taller – and wearing training bras – and starting middle school – and who will date boys that I will have to kill in a few years.