So, I was thinking about getting out from behind this computer and painting a patio table today. It’s the wrought iron kind, and it used to be green, but now it’s green with rust spots. I’ve just got to steel brush the rust spots and then spray paint it matte black to make it look brand new again.

Of course, it’s a possibility that it could rain on our heads if we try to do that.

Katlynn (my daughter) is back from vacation with her grandparents (my mom and dad), and she’s still sleeping in. LOL. My dad has a tendency to wear her out on vacations, but they have a blast together and that’s what really counts.

Anyway, I’m rambling, and I’m sick of looking at this computer right now, so I’ll leave you with another shot of Amanda Sayers from our session. I look forward to working with Amanda again – such a beautiful young lady.