Two days ago, I watched as my daughter packed up most of her things. A friend helped her with the big stuff, and they made several trips. Her room here in the house is pretty empty – but it’s certainly still her space – the quotes painted on the walls – the things she’s leaving behind. All hers.

What a strange feeling. I’ve watched her leave a million times it seems. I’ve hugged her goodbye and told her I love her, but not like this time. This time it’s not to school – not on a trip – not on a vacation with her grandparents. Nope, this time was different. This time she’s moving out, and she’s not coming back in a few days or so – she may never come back.  What a strange feeling indeed.

She turns 20 in December. Seems like yesterday she was in elementary school. She just finished her first year of college – Dean’s List if you’re interested, and now, as I write this blog this morning, she’s moved out – started the next phase of her life.

I’ve always been extremely proud of my daughter. She’s smart, beautiful, talented, strong-willed and so much more. You can read through my blog posts about her over the years and know that with certainty. I have loved and will continue to love her with all my heart – and I will miss her greatly – though she’s only minutes away.

What a strange feeling this morning. The nest which has been so full for nearly 20 years is empty. Yes, what a strange feeling indeed.